Easy run! Spring! Poem.

Only getting one run in this week, but as I have a race on Sunday we can say I am tappering. Sounds good to me! As long as I get my planned mileage in for the month I am happy. 

It’s a definite spring day here in Grenoble with sunshine, chirping birds, blue skies and trees beginning to blossom. I hope we don’t get a sudden cold snap or we will lose a lot early spring fruit; especially worried about cherries as there is a big tree in the yard that I would really love to help myself to this year! 

Again with the dumb 60″ glitch. The pace is 6’00” lol I don’t get it. 

Little race this Sunday and half marathon next Sunday I just hope the beautiful weather holds!

A poem for today. 😊

Just Walking Around 

by John Ashbery

What name do I have for you? 
Certainly there is not name for you
In the sense that the stars have names
That somehow fit them. Just walking around, 

An object of curiosity to some, 
But you are too preoccupied
By the secret smudge in the back of your soul
To say much and wander around, 

Smiling to yourself and others.
It gets to be kind of lonely
But at the same time off-putting.
Counterproductive, as you realize once again

That the longest way is the most efficient way, 
The one that looped among islands, and
You always seemed to be traveling in a circle.
And now that the end is near

The segments of the trip swing open like an orange.
There is light in there and mystery and food.
Come see it.
Come not for me but it.
But if I am still there, grant that we may see each other.


11 thoughts on “Easy run! Spring! Poem.

  1. Maybe the pace is shown ‘normalized’. As in while you are running at 6 min you are also including elevation which means you would have been running 5xs if it were on the flats? Some apps/programs do that so they don’t create the “Gareth phenomenon’ and enable you to compare runs?
    I know Strava does but gives it a different name for it.

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      1. I might be a step ahead of you. I keep an alternative shoe log. In my head. I always marvel at the fact that my favorite shoes only have a couple of miles on them. So cool as I run in them for years now …

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