Recovery run? Back pain! Poem.

Hello, hello, what’s this then?? A niggling lower back pain!? What the bloody whatsis!? No. No. No.

Last Sunday’s run was fabulous. It was, however, not without an eansy weansy bit of pain. I thought nothing of it and ran like a bat out of hell (there was a cute girl in front of or beside me the whole time, what else could I do!) After the race I felt OK, but Monday it was bothering me and eventually I hoped on down to the pharmacy for whatever non prescription stuff I could get my hands on. Took the pills, did several stretching sessions and felt right as rain.

It’s Wednesday and the weather is beautiful, I need to take a break from grading exams…time to run! I felt great. Zipped down the hill on my bike and ran a comfortable 12k. 

Just as happy as can be! Wide open path, spring time temperatures, birds chirping…awesome factor stuck on 10!

A little stiffness starts to become noticeable somewhere after the turn around point. Hmmm, qu’est-ce que c’est!? Finished the run ok. As soon as I stopped running…wham! Hello, Mr Peach!! Welcome back, back pain…barely able to pedal up the hill. Not happy.

Took a hot shower, popped a pill and curled up on the bed with the cat.

Four days from a race I have been planning to run for TWO YEARS.  

Happy thoughts and more stretching and we’ll see how I feel in the morning. 


Let’s go back about 1,000 years to China for today’s poem. How’s that for time travel!?

Tz’u No. 1 by Li Ching Chao

To the tune “Courtyard Filled with Fragrance”

Fragrant grass beside the pond
green shade over the hall
a clear cold comes through
the window curtains
crescent moon beyond the golden bars
and a flute sounds
as if someone were coming
but alone on my mat with a cup
gazing sadly into nothingness
I want to call back
the blackberry flowers
that have fallen
though pear blossoms remain
for in that distant year
I came to love their fresh fragrance
scenting my sleeve
as we culled petals over the fire
when as far as the eye could see
were dragon boats on the river
graceful horses and gay carts
when I did not fear the mad winds
and violent rain
as we drank to good fortune
with warm blackberry wine
now I cannot conceive
how to retrieve that time.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Sunday!! Ain’t gonna let a little thing like pain get in my way. No sir.


13 thoughts on “Recovery run? Back pain! Poem.

  1. go and have a sports massage! You have been training for months, you deserve it! They are miracle workers i swear! when i slipped that disk in my back last year, I was sobbing with pain when i walked into the therapy room, un able to stand up straight… I walked out an hour later, upright and feeling like i could RUN to my car!
    So worth it! Do you get those heat patches over there? they too are MAGIC!
    take care and I hope you feel ‘right as rain’ ASAP! XXX

    PS, cat cuddles are healing 🙂

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