Grenoble Vizille 22k race report! 

You gotta hand it to the human body, sheer stubbornness and our ability to fight through pain. Seriously, the way I felt Wednesday I thought there was no way I could do a half marathon (22k!) today. Push through it I did! 

It was chillier than last sunday and as I had to bike about 5k to and from the starting point of course it had to rain on the way in. Just a drizzle but…ugh. 

That reminds me, here’s a good photo from last week’s trail race!

Ham? Yeah, the photographer was a student of mine so I had to ham it up a bit.

Today’s race started about 200 meters from where I used to live, how convenient would that have been to just stroll down the street 15mns before starting time. Ah well I am in such a nicer place now it doesn’t matter. 

I think I heard that we were over 3,000 runners! Not a bad turn out. What makes this half marathon extra special is that for some reason they make it 22k AND there is a big arse climb in the first half of around 280 meters! That was my favourite part as I could just blow past everybody ( riiiight) but unfortunately I get bored on the flat part and get passed by 90 year olds with walkers. 

My official running photographer (who is still sidelined by injury) was waiting for me around the 4k mark as we passed near her house.

It was kinda dark so I played a little with filters. 

And from behind…

About half a kilometer until the climbing began. Can’t believe how skinny I am! 

I like the bib as it shows the climb and has my name on it. Some people run this as a relay which I absolutely hate because the hand over is at the top of the climb. You’ve been running  your heart out all the way up this crazy hill and suddenly all of these pairs of fresh legs just start flying past you. Talk about demoralising! 

Overall I enjoyed the race, I have to say the finish line was a cluster (d)uck, absolutely ridiculous bottleneck of hundreds of runners pouring into a narrow passage that at times could only fit three people and there were spectators! Your heart is pounding, you’re parched and dying for a drink but takes about five hours to get through this log jam (slight exagération) but just not what you want to deal with at the end of a race. 

When we finally made it to the refreshments I must say they were plentiful and yummy! Pet peeve: grab and move on, don’t stand there like it’s your own private buffet and stuff your face while others are waiting behind you, franchement!! 

So to finish on a super positive note, I finished well under two hours!!

1:56:42 for 22k with the nasty hill!!! So very happy about that! Not sure if my chip time will be different but I seem to remember looking at the official time clock and it was around the same.

Can I has a beer now!? Please!!!

Funny side not I decided what I needed more than anything after getting home was a nice soak in the tub. Apparently, this was the first time since I’ve had Koko and I can just say she was very concerned and worried about what I was doing in a tub full of water! So funny to see her reaction. Cats! 

So now it’s time for a beer and of course the Queen is curled up on my lap purring so I can’t move!! 

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all have a great week ahead. 


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