Mountain trail! Run date! Poem. 

Spring is back, at least for the weekend, after a chilly week I was happy and eager to get out in such beautiful weather.

For those of you following or keeping tabs on the exciting life and times of a mountain goat trying to date, I can happily say that our second run date was awesome! We headed out from my place a little after 10am and drove up into the Chartreuse mountains to a very pretty village called Le Sappey. We parked near the church in the center and headed off for a beautiful run through some woods with a fair bit of climbing thrown in.

Today’s graph!

We had meant to do it the opposite way, ie the massive descent was meant to be a massive climb, but apparently we headed out on the wrong path. I am not super fast going downhill, today it took all I had just to try not to fall back more than 10 meters behind her. My friend was just flying down, hoping and skipping a sort of cross between a tigress and a bunny rabbit. 

We did #spotthescarrybirds !!

They became quite agitated and aggressive as we went by. We were surprised by the combined noise they could make, the smaller dude in the background really didn’t care and just ignored us.

Some nice panoramic shots.

Clear skies, fresh air, nice trails and lots of laughs!
Didn’t cover a great distance only a little over 13k but it was so nice to get on a different trail for once and as C has a car I think we will get a chance to run many different places. 

A post run beer on my sunny balcony to recover and rehydrate and just enjoy the afternoon sun, perfection! (No beer picture!? What was I thinking!) 

And of course a poem…

Afternoon On A Hill

I will be the gladdest thing 
   Under the sun! 
I will touch a hundred flowers 
   And not pick one. 

I will look at cliffs and clouds 
   With quiet eyes, 
Watch the wind bow down the grass, 
   And the grass rise. 

And when lights begin to show 
   Up from the town, 
I will mark which must be mine, 
   And then start down!

by Edna St. Vincent Millay


19 thoughts on “Mountain trail! Run date! Poem. 

    1. Thanks CJ, I really hesitated to go so personal on the blog but there’s a certain anonymity to it that makes it easy to open up and at the same time I feel like you guys have become my friends and I just want to share the happy moments. 🌞

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