Two runs! Monster crab! Poem.

Had a couple of runs in the last week, kind of slacking off again it seems. I’ll just blame it on the weather, right, it’s not my fault if it’s not all sun shiny and blue skies.

I ran a boring 10k along the road leaving directly from my front door. Don’t generally want to run along the side of the road but it was all I could do to get my shoes on and shake my booty  (did I really say that!?). It’s funny because it was the first time that I actually followed the road in the “away from town” direction in the nine months that I have lived here, at least now I know what’s out there! Nothing much.

Saturday, again leaving directly from my front door, I went up the tiny little hill behind me. Yeah it’s anything but tiny…didnโ€™t last long only got about 8k but climbed pretty steeply.

On the way up I did a lot of zig zagging around the trails not really sure which way to go. By the time I decided to turn back I was like ok…straight down.

I was able to set my phone on a low hanging broken branch to set up this action shot, it took four takes and this is by far the best one.

As always nice mountain views. 

I #spottedtheparaglider and I swear I saw it when I took the shot, but as I have said before camera only works in selfie mode so it’s hard to see…

Had a wonderful seafood dinner with friends Saturday and as everyone likes food pics…

The appetiser plate. Followed by what can only be called the monster crab!

I lived for many years on the chesapeake bay in the US, and we pride ourselves on having the best blue crabs in the world, but these critters could feed a family of five! They were very good and tasted similar to blue crab but required more work to break apart. Also in typical french fashion we had a homemade mayonnaise to go with everything and it was very good!

Dessert was a “charlotte”, lady fingers with marzipan and various berries in the filling all washed down with bottles of pinot blanc and pinot gris. It was all delicious and we were exceedingly stuffed by the end of the night. We all came by bike so at least we got some exercise in to burn a few calories off. 

Today’s a bank holiday and it’s quite grey, nasty and humid so the biggest accomplishment will be getting out of bed in time for lunch! 

A poem for everyone who has had the bad luck of opening your front door and finding two annoying people trying to “save your soul”…

A Knock On The Door by James Tate

They ask me if I’ve ever thought about the end of
the world, and I say, “Come in, come in, let me
give you some lunch, for God’s sake.” After a few
bites it’s the afterlife they want to talk about.
“Ouch,” I say, “did you see that grape leaf
skeletonizer?” Then they’re talking about
redemption and the chosen few sitting right by
His side. “Doing what?” I ask. “Just sitting?” I
am surrounded by burned up zombies. “Let’s
have some lemon chiffon pie I bought yesterday
at the 3 Dog Bakery.” But they want to talk about
my soul. I’m getting drowsy and see butterflies
everywhere. “Would you gentlemen like to take a
nap, I know I would.” They stand and back away
from me, out the door, walking toward my
neighbors, a black cloud over their heads and
they see nothing without end.


Happy May Day (labour day)!


22 thoughts on “Two runs! Monster crab! Poem.

    1. Yeah…the glider is really hard to spot , it’s there but looks like a little white cloud on the right of the mountain, above the tree lined but not much higher up. Little white spot…
      As far as Loki is concerned…as she woke me up two times between 3 and 4 am expect no pictures today!! Of course as I write this she is curled up on my lap sleeping. Cats!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks…yeah I need to refocus and get more variety in. I will have to include Koko in the next post, she woke me up very early and I just didn’t want to take any pictures of her!


  1. The poem reminds me of my Indian friend. He says that he invites everyone in- in India it isn’t polite to talk on the doorstep. He’s really polite and listens, but no one ever changes his mind๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OH GOSH! how is that nosh!!!!! Its 06h54 and i am sitting here drooling *lol* sounds like a lovely FEAST!!!!!
    Im sorry, your ‘hill’ is STEEP! Love that you do it for fun! Go shake the booty *winks*

    Liked by 1 person

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