Wherefore art thou, running mojo??

It’s been a sluggish couple of weeks, I have barely managed to get my running shoes on and when I have its been slow going and lacking enthusiasm. 

Went for a 10k along the river a few days ago and that took like 5 hours it was so slow. Yeah, I exaggerate a bit but honestly around km 7 I felt like throwing my shoes in the river. Getting home would not have been fun!

Had a short break from the nasty weather in the first half of the day, so I headed up my mountain but even that didn’t perk me up. Ugh. No mo’ mojo.

Big arse climb usually leaves me tired but feeling happy. Today just sore and bored. Ah well, we all go through these phases and it will pass, but argh it sucks in the meantime. 

No pics…no poems…just gonna potato on the couch. 


44 thoughts on “Wherefore art thou, running mojo??

  1. Finally we could theoretically run together. 5 hours for a 10 k – I can do that!
    FYI don’t worry Mojo will come back … Just relax and get kokoed! You ran a lot … way lot … and no real time-out! Just relax 😊

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      1. Hey i just do a VR when i am feeling good, when the weather is great and where the road/trail takes me… I don’t worry about a time… its all about the BLING for me *lol*
        I reckon just choose a day… where you do it doesn’t matter…
        I have to do a 10km VR this month… i may do parkrun this saturday and then go straight into the next 5km after that… If not, i will head out on my trails on Sunday… i like it cos there is no pressure. I never go and look at the leader board. Although, if i did i would head to the bottom of the list πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      2. *lol* hey you know, a slang South African word is ‘kip’ it means to take a nap… Kip (aka Kenyan runner) i bet has never lived up to his name *lol* theres a word i am looking for that describes that situation…
        Anyhow… yeah to get Ben to slow down we have to send him to tackle the Matterhorn… maybe that would slow him down *winks*

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  2. Your mojo isn’t with me. Neither is mine! Maybe they have gone on a mojo holiday, to a mojo Disneyland or something? Or a dark pub? Where do mojos go when they get fed up of the great outdoors?

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      1. Theory: They go to a place where they are left alone. Mine goes to a snug (private spot in a pub) and drinks the finest whiskey. I bugged him too much. I never know when he gets back I just go to the spot where I know he will find me (beach). But it just takes a beautiful day and Boooya there he is. (Yes my muse is a grumpy old man … )

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      2. You feel probably old and grumpy because you don’t run. He is grumpy because you ran too much. Go figure … Koko to the rescue! If you relax like your Queen for a while, he might return.
        Seriously though … elite athletes take up to 1 month off per year from running …

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  3. don’t worry about the Mojo… its just a ‘slow’ to tag onto this #dissappearingmojothAng , mines takes off, oh, ever so often… but it always comes back… like Slow says, use the time to ‘play’ chilllax and do things you wouldn’t normally… like taking a walk round town on a summers night and do some window shopping… sit by the rive and have a picnic… πŸ™‚
    Enjoy it… cos when Moko comes back, omg, its gonna whip your arΒ£e up that mountain *winks*

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