Sunday race!

Well here it is Tuesday already! Sunday I ran a 28k mountain trail race in the southern section of the Chartreuse mountains. We climbed 1,550 meters as well! 

The weather was perfect thank goodness and while the temperature was a bit high, we were in the forest most of the time so it was pretty cool.

I ran this race last year and had a really hard time surviving the course, not enough sleep due to months of noisy neighbors, this time I was well rested and I suppose in better shape overall. 

The course was 3k longer this time and had a little bit more climb as well so it’s hard to compare the two runs too closely. Despite the extra distance and climb I managed to improve my time by about a half an hour! I was hoping for an even bigger difference but I am still happy with it.

The official map with the nifty graph of pain. Here’s my phone’s rendition. 

Either way, a lot of scrambling up steep and rocky terrain.

#spottedtheben not looking too bad at this point. Waiting for more pictures from the website. 

This year’s “bling” saucisson and a pot of honey! Gotta love it! No medals, no tee-shirts, just damn good charcuterie and delicious locally produced honey!! 

Apparently some runners got lost on the trail and ended up with a few extra kms. Kinda funny that I was NOT one of them. I get lost turning around in the shower, it’s pretty amazing that I was able to spot all of the indicators along the way.

One difficult moment occurred along the way, there was a very narrow passage on the side of a fairly steep hill with a bit of a drop off the other side. When I got to it, which first involved scurrying down a steep rocky passage and then crossing a stream, I came upon a man in the midst of a vertigo episode. It was alright in the end and fortunately there was another runner just in front of him holding his hand. I helped a little from behind and warned a few runners approaching that they just needed to stop a moment. Anyway, it worked out but I can imagine the discomfort the guy went through.

One of my friends is the event organiser and four others were volunteers on the course. It was nice having the awesome support aling the way! After the race we had quite the huge meal of sausages, cous cous, ratatouille and a delicious homemade rhubarb pie! Go Kiri! There is also a great picture of me pouring wine out of a ginormous bottle on someone’s phone. Gotta find that one. 

Another fun race! 


11 thoughts on “Sunday race!

  1. Impressive elevations!!!! And the sausage ain’t bad either, looks really yummy. Better than a medal I’m sure, you can probably hang it up for a year before you eat it – best of both worlds!!

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