Multi run post!

Very happy to say that my running motivation is back in full swing, unfortunately my blogging motivation has slipped a little. So just a quick recap to prove to the world that YES Ben does still run…

May 27: 20k

May 28: 20k

May 31: 22k

Total for the month 180k with 4,400 meters climbed. 

Next month is going to be more mountain focused if things work out! Let’s say I am going to do a lot of climbing, if it doesn’t work out no big deal but I just want to write it out and visualize a new objective. Hm, how much elevation should I go for? Don’t want to get too carried away, but most of the time I get at least 5,000 meters in so let’s shoot for Seven Thousand Meters!!! Oh my, that’s a lot of mountain. 

That’s it for me today, time to make some pasta…


11 thoughts on “Multi run post!

  1. Lol! My run was 2miles up and down a 75m hill and I had to walk most of the way up! I can’t imagine doing that 100 times! Admittedly I’m not very fit at the moment😊

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