June recap.

OK, so I finished off the month of June with 200k run and 7,500 meters climbed! 

Had a great half marathon!

Scored some good job interviews for the new school year! One more tomorrow. 

Got a new pair of trail shoes and took them out for a spin today. 

Took some decent action shots! Ran for about 12k with 600 meters climbed.

Koko was clearly not impressed!

July is looking to be another good month and this mountain goat is going to spend as much time as possible climbing up those mountains! 


5 thoughts on “June recap.

  1. Haha, I’m sure you’re quite used to Koko being less than thrilled these days, 🤣

    June was a very good climbing month for you! How far did you say you biked to get to the trail?

    Wishing you best of luck with your interviews!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, you know cats!
      I haven’t been keeping track of the bike totals, but my flat run along the river is about 6km round trip and I’ve been going to work most days by bike which is about 14k r/t. Yesterday’s run was from my front door and straight up!

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    1. Nothing posh. Just kalenji from decathlon. Kiprace trail I believe they’re called. Very light for a trail shoe and based on one run the fit is good as well as the grip. 75€ I will update after a few more kms!

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