Runs Mon 17 – Sun 23

Rocking through this month with another good week. Five runs for 85 kms with 3,800 meters climbed. 

Four runs were in the mountains and the first of the week was a 21k along the river so no graph as it was a flat (ish) run. 

Mountain legs are doing well and my newest pair of trail shoes are holding up excellently after the first two or three weeks of intense running on technical terrain in the alps. This morning was my first mud run and they did slip and slide a bit more then I expected, but I can deal with it and as these are new to me trails I am still breaking in the paths so to speak.

Haven’t done much other than run and sporadically work, I did randomly end up on my Amazon US account and for some reason I had a credit of about $30. Obviously I ordered some books! 3 are in the science and philosophy realm and of course I had to get at least one volume of poetry. I picked American Smooth by Rita Dove, I hope it shows up as the website warned only a few copies were on hand but thankfully more were on order. 

I ate a hamburger this week. In fact it was a bacon cheeseburger and I don’t care. There I said it. It was a moment of weakness. A sad, delicious and greasy moment of blissful weakness. Ate a bag of chips as well (Yes, crisps I know!) what a marvellous week in fact. I am not espousing vegetarianism at all, I just don’t like the beef industry and the huge negative impact it has on our ecology. So I do what I can and avoid beef MOST of the time and no longer buy moo juice! Although I have heard some less than glowing reports about the amount of water needed to support the almond industry. Ugh. What’s a human to do? 

Not preaching, just rambling on as silly old men are want to do. OK 51 is not old, but you gotta give me silly! 

Plans for next week include, um, running, checking my mailbox for the Amazon order, working a handful of hours and submitting all the paperwork for one of my new employers for the next school year. No hamburgers. No chips. Maybe a couple beers. Probably. Yeah, you know it, there will at least be a couple beers! 

Happy trails! 


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