End of month. Pics. Cat.

Well I made it through my biggest month of running to date! The last week of July I managed three more runs to reach 300k.

With two of the three runs being in the mountain I got my total elevation up to 12,000 meters. Psyched about that! 

For my metrically challenged friends that’s 186 miles run and 39,000 feet climbed. Not sure what’s in store for August, haven’t had time to think of any particular goals. In any case I have plenty of time on my hands so I’ll figure something out.

Still waiting on my Amazon order that was placed 15 days ago and hasn’t even shipped yet. Talk about annoying. I would just cancel the order at this point but I wanted to use my leftover gift card. I had a really good experience with wordery.com a few months back and they offer free world wide shipping, so my future book orders will be through them. Thanks Mr B. End of brief rant…

Temperatures have been pretty consistently hot, as expected this time of year, in the 34-38°C range so it’s hard to be motivated to do anything between about noon and 6 pm. I need to stay motivated to get up and out the door early enough to beat the heat. Focus! Focus! Focus! 

Happy August everybody. Run in the shade. 


16 thoughts on “End of month. Pics. Cat.

      1. I confess I have a kindle app on my phone and now I’m addicted to the instant gratification of ‘one click to buy’ e books or even better ‘download the first chapter for free’! The only downside is not being able to share books I have loved😢

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      1. Exactly, but there is a fine line in the summer. For the most part, adjusting to the heat is manageable, but heat exhaustion can creep up you, and that’s when there is a problem…

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      2. …and you guys all have A/C which helps a lot. In France it’s not a common thing though the house I live in is stone with very thick walls. When the sun hits I close all the windows and shutters to keep the cool morning air in. It works well, but of course you still have to go outside!

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